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Removing radio ads


I hate ads, but my girlfriend likes to listen to the radio in the morning... I don't get it, ads are very frequent, and even aside from ads, the ratio of good/useful "information" is still very low...

Recently I discovered Radio Paradise, and we listen to it sometimes.
We also use InnerTune.

She insists on listening to the radio... So I tried to detect and remove the ads. My idea is to start fetching the radio stream before it begins, so I can skip them automatically.

To detect the ads I use audio fingerprinting. First I split the audio into small chunks. Each chunk gets assigned a number in a way that "similar" chunks get "similar" numbers (specific details depend on the algorithm used).

I used fcalc to recognize most ads by comparing the audio fingerprints with streams from previous days.

After that I tried to use gstreamer to skip the ads when they are detected, but I didn't make any progress...

~Bartender, do you serve sandwiches?


Wow impressive. A software like that would be my lifelong dream ! I love listening to the radio. Some public radios don't have ads (like in France for instance), but others do (like in Belgium where I live).

Regarding the ratio of useful information, to me listening to the news on the radio is a quick way to have an overall view of what's going on. It's very different from reading newspaper articles that provides more precise information and opinions.