Midnight Pub

hello world


Or rather, hello pub! I've recently gotten back into Linux and am slowly trying to decouple myself from Google and m$, at least in my personal life.

It's a slow process, but finding places like this definitely makes me feel like it's worth it!

I'm not sure I'm going to post much, but I wanted to make an account anyway so I can interact with the cool people here :)


Howdy ~mechanicalmagpie, welcome to The Midnight!

~bartender? Whatever the newcomer fancies, it's on me. And just coffee for me, please.

Well, I have switched to other OSes right after DOS. Imagine that. Anyone remember VAX/VMS by DEC? Or the stuff running on IBM mainframes? My memory is a bit blurry about that one. But I do remember compiling emacs from sources on VMS. What a ride!

Well, good luck with your endeavor, Linux has become quite usable these days.



yea! i think we are on the verge of being a daily driver OS that you don't need to know 100% of the technology to get working. i just today started talking to someone who was having an issue, that has been using debian for a while, but who never knew what the journal was until today when i asked about it! and while some people might say thats bad, i think its good, because it shows that a regular user rarely needs to see it!