Midnight Pub

dark corner of the pub


Im sitting in the dark corner of the pub. Waiting... For? Its now several weeks and no solution, no answers to questions i would like to see resolved. Its like sitting in front of a terminal and waiting for update to happen... But there will be no update if you never type in "apt install wifi". If you happen to be in a linux environment and type this command, you will see - it wont happen. But if you type this command the system might suggest some other command. And this is a step forward... So go on and type stuff like "apt help" or some other crap that comes to your mind. Te computer might come up with a better suggestion... Yes the computers are smart this days... Much smarter... User friendlier and willing to help out... Just type! and press enter - yea don't forget that "enter" (return). While going through all this options in my mind, eyes half closed, not moving, but being alert i notice in the corner of my sight a familiar face enter the pub.

Its Ishikawa!

I don't even have have the energy to raise my eyebrows, even less to raise my voice and call him. I see him walking to the counter carrying a sports bag. He ordered a beer from the tap, then hes chatting a while with the ~bartender... At some point the ~bartender points towards the dark corner of the pub. Ishikawa looks at me and with a smile on his face, beer in one hand and the sports bag in the other walks in slow phase towards me. Standing next to me he goes:

Here you are! You were diving alone again?

He takes my worn-out military boots out of the sports bag and lets them fall under the table.

Here are your shoes. And I got the medicine.

He takes a thin syringe full of thick cannabis oil and empties it in my mouth.

In two or three days you will be fine. We set up a TAZ on this location...

Then he puts a paper under the glass i emptied weeks ago. He finishes the beer standing, takes the sports bag and leaves the pub.



$ apt moo

for goddesses sake!



Zapis o kravi

Krava ima veliko glavo z zasanjanimi očmi. Glavo ima debelejšo kakor konj in na glavi dva votla rogova, zadaj pa močen rep.

I typed as instructed

It made me laugh! Now when the oil is kicking in - I can easier see everything from the bright side of life!

~bartender, warm sake for me and my friend ~ew.