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Calendar recommendations?


Hi! I've never used a calendar. I'm not capable of maintaining it up to date.

I don't look it up because it is not complete. It is not complete because I won't look at it...

Maybe the problem is that I didn't find the calendar that works for me...

- I tired paper: It is a mess, very inefficient, I forget it, ...

- I tried framagenda.org but I having to synchronize was a pain. I've a pinephone with Phosh, if I wanted to edit something I had to make sure It was synchronized...

Maybe I could use something like calendar.txt ?

Simplicity is a pro, but it is very verbose and not very convenient... Also, how can I synchronize it effectively? nextcloud conflicts are inconvenient. I don't like git too much, (having to remember to commit, pull, push, etc... is extra effort)

What do you use to keep a calendar?



~bartender? Just coffee, please.


Well, after trying a number of things myself my answer to your question is this:

The technology is kind of irrelevant. What is relevant though, is the habit of having this thing at your fingertips practically always. If you don't have it at hand in less than 5 seconds, it will rot. In my not so humble opinion it is that easy. It got better for me only after I established a weekly review, where I look at the past week and the next. Without that weekly review (on Sundays) the calendar thing sinks into irrelevance fast. And lately I have succeeded in having the thing in my hands when making new appointments. After all these years :)

Some details:

Good luck!



I use the CLI program "remind" it takes some studying to learn it's syntax, but it is quite powerfull. All data is in a text file, that I can synchronize between phone and laptop. And also there is a ncurses frond end program called "wyrd" that displays your calendar in a nice visual way.



I don't know how I didn't find it before, very cool!




I use the calendar service of my email provider, and have it quite visible in all my devices. It is one of the little few things that is allowed to have notifications. The fact that I can put almost anything there (and the rest goes in a to-do list) helps me to make mental space, something very scarce nowadays.



I think I'll give `when` a try. I still don't know how to do synchronization easily...