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Some thoughts about indyweb


So I've been reading about the indy web lately, and I kind of like the idea of having a home page - identity on the internet.

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I was wandering weather something like this could be done on Gemini.

I know people use to reply to other people's posts on their own gemlogs and capsules, but is there some way to implement webmentions (I guess gemmentions in that case) and other tools for replies?

I read also that people use the cosmos aggregator to check if someone has replied to some of their posts.

Does anyone know if there are any established procedures?

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And naturally, I discover that I have come late to this discussion.


And yes as it turns out, solutions already exist as I have been informed.

What remains is the discussion about weather those should be implemented on a large scale.



You also have Station, which is sort of like Mastodon.



There is antenna, where the author publishes their updated file


There is Cosmos, which is a crawler


And there is good ol'email. Many authors have contact data somewhere on their capsule. I sometimes post a reply on my capsule and inform the other author per email, including links.

There is some webmention stuff, but I don't use it.