Midnight Pub

A newcomer


Bartender! A cup of Darjeeling for me please.

Well hello everybody, I have finally been granted access to the midnight pub, so first of all I need to thank m15o for creating this cozy space on the internet, and keeping it up! I also have a space on the smol pub, but I missed the community aspect where I can answer to posts and have people answer mine.

I come from imageboards, which I am abandoning because they are getting a lot worse by the day. Or maybe I am just growing. I am quite tired of the sheer amount of negativity that gets posted regularly on there, and of getting attacked on every single innocuous opinion I might share.

A word about me, I like learning languages, I am currently studying Chinese and Russian, but I also like learning all sorts of other subjects, and I do mean all sorts. I won't bother listing them here, I am trying to focus on the languages I am learning and their cultures and histories, which is already enough for a hundred lifetimes.

Gemini is such a nice protocol, I want to move away from the sprawling complexity of the modern computing ecosystem, and I find myself considering daily to just ditch the whole Linux and making plan9 my primary system, as my main use of a computer is to write, and I like the slick elegance of the plan9 system. I resist because, well, I have been using Linux for a fair number of years and I am still interested in the sorts of things I can get done with it. It's not like I couldn't do much of the same with plan9, but it would take a lot more work, on the other hand the text editing tasks I need are covered by it. In any event, I would probably end up virtualizing either one. Any thoughts?

Also, have a drink on me, do they serve food here? I could use some garlic bread.


Welcome, new friend!

Linguistics is something i love as a hobby, have you done any learning of manual languages? I am Deaf and use auslan as my primary language! I really like manual languages more then oral languages.



Thank you!

No sign languages for me, unfortunately; I've considered them, I find them intriguing. But I have no one to practice with. I am also mostly interested in literature and reaching out to new internet communities.

If I get the chance to learn it, I'd take it.