Midnight Pub



When I arrived at the pub this morning to start my shift, binge3ater was waiting for me in front. The air was freezing cold, and a thin layer of snow covered the alley. Yet, she was there and more excited than ever. She wanted to show me her sourdough starter. She told me that thing was a beast, and we could make some delicious bread to all the patrons. So hey, why not try?

Binge3ater and I spend most of the morning baking sourdough. And you know what? That bread didn't turn so bad. So hey, let me know if you want to try. Nothing beats warm bread that's fresh out of the oven, especially when it comes with a glass of whisky. I'm sure it won't be as tasty as one from a bakery, but there's a beauty in doing bread from scratch. It's slow, it's hard, but it's real.

At the checkout, they'll chat with you as you browse the bits and bobs by the register. Rarely in a rush, customers come in slow here and usually for just a few items, they're in no hurry. They're not looking to upsell you, unlike shops purely for makeup or skincare. They're chatting purely to be friendly, no ulterior motives.
~oracle, in Love Song to Beauty Supply Clerks

Maybe that's a similar feeling to what oracle talks about. When what matters isn't just the end result, every step becomes interesting. Not everything has got to be transactional. I think things become much more interesting when we stop being in a rush and start to pay attention. And speaking of attention, that was a very nice shot, age5!

Sobering up
After stumbling my way into the bar a couple nights ago, I wake up in an armchair near the fireplace. My drink now warm, wholly unfinished.

Have some of this sourdough bread, and let us know what you think. That's my special recipe to boost sobering up. That and water. Oh, and maybe Smudge.

Even though he's been curled up in a corner of the lounge

I'm glad to see some new patrons in there, warm welcome:

Signing up here is my next step in rediscovering my ability to focus, and I hope to journal some about that process.

Focus, you say? I got exactly what you need. Take a look at this cocktail:

The Douglas Adams

The trick to make a successful Douglas Adams is to dose the cynicism and the optimism equally. Putting too much of one would break the balance, and there goes the focus. Another thing that can help is some music playing in the background. I see that pink2ds is already setting us up on the jukebox.

I notice m15o writing something on the chalkboard:

      ||                     ||
      ||   SOUP OF THE DAY   ||
      ||                     ||
      ||      WHISKY         ||
      ||                     ||
      ||              _____  ||

And with that, let's all enjoy this cold winter weekend! I'll be at the bar if you need anything.


Thanks bartender! I'll take an Elijah Craig, neat. Perhaps a double in anticipation of tomorrow having "unplanned inaugural festivities". And just keep 'em coming till it's over.

On that note, can I just sleep in one of the booths? I'm sure I shouldn't drive. I can sweep up or wash dishes in return.



Bits of bread in the soup, that's the secret.