Midnight Pub

Spring is here!


Oh, spring! Birds are singing, the first flowers are beginning to bloom...

... and I rediscovered important PGP keys, certs and my key to Midnight! Shame on me for not noticing that my USB drive began to corrupt itself months ago and now rendered my keys useless. Luckily, all keys and certs were stored across a bunch of devices, so restoring them, alongside various other files, took less than an hour.

And despite this happening just shortly before I wanted to take a walk, I still got to enjoy this sunny day. This, however, should not distract anyone from Rule #1: Never forget to backup your files!


Hey nice! That's a fun way to start the season, I feel like I enjoy spring a bit more, especially the cool air...

...and I can do that by pulling all nighters learning JS!

~bartender, serve me some lemonade



Hello ~alex, backup is like an umbrella: If you take it with you, you won't need it. :) Well, most of the time. And I kindly suggest to have TWO backup copies of USB flash drives. Plus regular syncing, possibly with version control right there on the flash drive.

~bartender? Whatever ~alex likes to celebrate their lucky find, it's on me!



Hehe, thank you for sharing your wisdom – and a good drink – with me!

Actually, I do maintain multiple USB drives and external HDD's for backup purposes, yet those were the only files I repeatedly forgot to include due to those being either fairly new or simply... happen to not be all that high on my priorities list. Lessons learned, for sure – I'll take something to induce some inner comfort during this rainy day, ~bartender!