Midnight Pub

April 2nd, finally.


Good morning. A pleasant 5:40am right now, I should be sleeping but I'm not quite feeling like it at the moment.

So yesterday was what people refer to as "April Fools" which is a nice event where you can get a little more silly than usual, but for some it is a universal excuse to do utterly stupid things.

Today I learned more about comedy than I have learned my entire life, for example: would you believe me if I said lying isn't really funny? You might think I am talking about the obvious jokes like "Apple makes the entire app store free" or "Nintendo releases a console that lets you smell Mario". I'm talking about fake trailers and announcements for things that are entirely plausible.

Another thing I learned today is that you probably shouldn't take other people as your punchline... I know... quite shocking... but you know, the charm of the internet is that it's weird in its own ways, and people not being your kind of weird doesn't quite give you the right to stereotype anyone because your calendar says it's the funny day where you can do ✨ anything ✨ with zero consequences like you behold the jester's privilige.

Oh yeah one of the guys in my class just joked that he has dropped out, so that was fun too. Maybe I should work on these attachment issues. Perhaps I should just not listen to people on the first of April. I know a nice boulder to live under, that may be quite nice.

And it's not like I want to be a party pooper, trust me I don't. There have been some good jokes this year.

and as with Minecraft's traditional silly update every April, we have an update based on one of the most useless items in the game.

I'm quite sure if inedible potatos are that much of a valid joke material, then people can certainly find something funny too... right?

Anyways, straying away from the tomfoolery of today, I am out of the country for a single day, should hit the road in a couple hours. Didn't bring a charger so I hope this 40% can hold up through the ride.

I have also got this picture a couple days ago, only thought to save it today cause boredom is getting through me.


yeah. i hate plausable april fools jokes. either go ridiculas or don't do it. these need to be clear and have everyone laughing, if not everyone is laughing its not a good joke imo. and also not only that but for the next week on the internet we have to be cautious because things posted on april first will be promoted for at least a week



When I heard about the result of Turkey's elections, I thought "let's just wait a bit until April 2nd"



April Fools... My mother tries to pull the same joke on me every year by pointing at my shirt and claiming that "there's a hole". I certainly am no party pooper, either, however I never got the appeal of April Fools in particular because you already expect someone trying to pull your leg on that day.

Because my friends and I share a similar humor, we're fine with making jokes at the expense of each other and engage in non-serious, self-deprecating humor quite often but not on April 1st. In fact... now that April Fools is over I should mention that I've got a friend who probably would appreciate a Nintendo console that smells like Wario... but I digress. Our humor is just weird in the sense that it's rather tasteless and maaaybe a little gross but we don't act like this around strangers because we know how off-putting it might be to some people, let alone during inappropriate situations.

Oh, ~bartender, whatever ~aei desires to-go and something calming for me to stop my babbling!