Midnight Pub

Some thoughts and, yet even more thoughts


~bartender, get me some Soplica, if you have that of course

--I laugh, probably a bit more than I truly felt like, yet the laughter is only fuelled more by my slightly drunken state of being--

And if you don't then just get me something strong-...ish

So, it's been a while, truly I don't know why I'm writing this, I'm tired, very very tired (physically), but I felt like I wanted to write my thoughts out.

Recently life hasn't been too great, it's not horrid don't get me wrong, I hung out more this week with my friends than I ever had before yet, something still feels empty inside me. Like yeah sure, I went out, had a great time and all, but after (and during) the hangout, I just felt... sad? Not really sad no, I just sorta felt empty, its weird, but such is life.

I've also started to get back on track with my website, and by that I mean I found the *slightest* urge to get back to work lol... partially due to a pretty damn cool music producer I became friends with, I love their work, a LOT, and one day when I go onto soundcloud I see a message from a month ago, I click on it and;

"i stumbled across your website today. it's really cool! thank you for the shout out <3"

So wow... to say I was happy would be an understatement haha, not only did he message me first, he also thought my website's cool, which is always the most appreciated compliment anyone can ever give me

Anyways, sorry y'all for the rant, I should get going to bed... and ~bartender? Yeah, everything's on me tonight, I got the money to spare so treat those who listened to my ramblings to something nice ♥


i recently got an email along the same lines, just a person who stumbled upon my site and decided to email me that they liked it. it made me so happy c:



it really is the best feeling. to me, just the fact that SOMEONE saw my work and thought its cool is mindblowing