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Parenting is like baking


At least, it's how I feel lately. It's like baking a cake, in the dark, and you don't even know a recipe. And you're also not clear what is or isn't already in the bowl. And your sense of taste and smell are not trained to know what an unbaked cake is supposed to taste like. And the cake takes... 15 years to bake. Every once in a while, the cake comes out of the oven and you get to check a little part of it, but you don't know if the part you're tasting is from the edge, or the middle or what. And it may have fallen into a pile of sand or sugar or hair on the floor before you tasted it. Also, other people are adding ingredients. Sometimes you have a sense of what they are, but most of the time you have no clue. Also the cake wants to choose its own icing and decorations. And the oven temperature is constantly changing. And you're in the back of a pickup truck driving down the interstate.

Anyone else feel that way or just me?


I have never been a parent, but have been parented long enough to know how hard it must be. May your cake turn out well :)



Thanks :)