Midnight Pub

It's so easy to fall into pessimism


It is so easy to worry, so easy to think that everything is going to go wrong.

It is so much harder to be optimistic and risk being disappointed. The thing is, nobody who ever created anything great thought everything was going to shit and that they had no reason to live, they must have had some sliver of hope left to keep creating, keep living, keep helping.

So maybe for the creators, the artists, the writers, we can be a little more hopeful

that was incredibly cheesy.


Isn't there this old saying, that the two sides (optimist and pessimist) live in you and everyone anyhow. You can't get rid of them. BUT you can decide to feed one a bit more that the other. For example, every evening while going to sleep, try to remember at least one little thing during the day, that made you smile. Be it a thingy you accomplished, a deed you completed, a "magic moment", a nice conversation with someone else, whatever ...



Fellow worrier here. I'm not going to say that I know a technique to beat it, but for me it can help to disregard my emotions and just treat life as a task to be completed.



Well, thinking "everything is going the way of the Dodo" can be a great motivating factor to push for change... just my 2 €-Cent