Midnight Pub

It's finals week! yippie!


Good evening. I felt like coming by here despite the busy schedule, some nice chit-chat is good for you every once in a while.

So yeah, finals... at least for me they are starting this Tuesday. I uave been waking up early in the morning, sleeping late, all to sit in my room, just study. It's driving me a little crazy.

It is pretty hard to study with this ungodly combination of the summer heat, being in a shared room, and living with a family.

Not healthy but what can you really do? Not much really. I have ignored a lot of subjects, only focusing on calculus for the time being. I won't really have time for everything else but I feel this is fine since I can (kinda) rush the rest of them.

I feel oddly content about the fact I will likely not do well in like half of my finals but maybe it's my "glass half-full" side of my brain that's thinking right now.


i get what it's like. i live still with my family and share a room with my younger sister. no privacy at all, but what can ya do? its much too expensive to live independently in this city.



I am in a quite similar situation too. My family is around me, Grandpa asks me to do shit from time to time (and I try to enforce on him planning my work first, other than being a dog on a call). Tomorrow I will have a test from double and triple integrals... and well, the days are hot. Hope we all are gonna make it.