Midnight Pub



There are so many things that you have to learn along the way. I think many people think that it becomes easier with time but I'm not sure that's true.

Today, I own a home and as the landlord of this estate I must make all repairs. The kitchen faucet failed last week. The dishwasher is failing too. Today I made the attempt to replace the anode in the water heater a long over due repair. I'm not sure most people even think to do this but it can extend the working life of the machine significantly.

The socket took a long time to get, longer than it needed to. I finally managed to make the time last week and pulling, as instructed by the manufacturer with a bar, I broke my 1/2" drive wrench. I've since replace the wrench and today I managed to break a pipe off pulling on it. The next option if an electric impact gun as I do not have a portable air supply to make use of my air tools.

The sound you hear when you lay in bed at night, after you've figured out what everything else it. That quiet sound that's sort of always there. That is the sound of everything breaking.

There is an exterior to finish painting. Grass, easily the dumbest crop we've ever committed to growing to cut non stop. Oh and several hundred dollars of appliance to replace because repair is out of the question. Some how it made more economic sense in this country to displace volume in landfills rather than manage a reasonable supply chain for parts to keep our equipment running.

I'll never understand our American wastefulness. Europe taught me the value of our space, the value or our security, the value of our ideals and I'm surrounded by people squandering what could be so much more.