Midnight Pub

Potentiometer woe


I had a great time writing a Lua script that summarizes Midnight Pub post/replies relationships, and quickly jump to any in elinks. I suppose I could go full throttle and make the post/replies content searchable, but, you know, ick.

The goal was to help my slowly deteriorating memory see where I've interacted of late without painstakingly following links. Mission accomplished.

Along the way I learned more Lua nuance, which is always a good thing.

Today... hmmm. I started a standalone shelving unit for a closet in a room we're considering our "music room". I'll finish that, then get started on the more difficult task of deciding what of our equipment accumulation to keep, and what to sell/Goodwill.

<shakes fist at the damnable phenomena of "fond reminiscence" and "just in case">

One big disappointment is having recently noted some of the potentiometers on the 16-track recorder have become "flaky" such that even after twisting them back and forth, settling on a particular position doesn't guarantee there won't be some "signal strength waver", which is even more maddening than trying to pretend men and women are equal in all things/areas. :P

(<Deity>, I'm so tired of making myself experience the pressure of having to pretend things that "cancelability" demands I pretend....)

Perhaps I'll learn the aforementioned degradation has occurred only on potentiometers of a couple channels, such that I can simply avoid using them. But, still: entropy-guided impermanence raising its ugly head!

What else? Well, no point struggling to create a list, knowing I'm going to be handed a completely different list anyway. :-)