Midnight Pub

A working class blogger is something to be


Fun performance for my wife and I early yesterday evening at a block party of sorts across the river from us.

It was extra special for her, occuring in her hometown, thus seeing faces vaguely familiar beneath time orchestrated skin degradations. I recognized a few for having been out and about the environs for a year or so.

Part of its success was people were seated instead of milling about, another part that the vast majority of the crowd was our age or half a generation older, so songs that filled the days of their youth just so happen to be our wheelhouse. I saw the words "Oh my God!" mouthed several times, no doubt for hearing something they possibly haven't in decades.

I love making that happen for others.

In contrast, that was on the heels of having cobbled together a site describing and illustrating (with photos) the poor quality of service performed by a ductwork cleaning service.

When a representative finally got back with us, I was basically told we were to blame for expecting too much, but that they'd send a crew back to redo it. I explained I'd already done it for them because a heatwave meant we needed to get the air conditioning running sooner instead of later, and thus felt only a partial refund would make things right, which the quickly-becoming-snitty representative said wasn't going to happen. I then explained I would be posting a heck of a poor review to both Google and Facebook, which he responded to with: "So you're going to blackmail us? IS THAT YOUR GAME?!?"

Um... nope. It's called helping others avoid making the same painful mistake we did, dumbass.

Anyway, I don't like being that way. But testosterone blindness is definitely a thing....