Midnight Pub

Today is the Greatest


Day I've ever known
Can't live for tomorrow

I just spent 2 days at a conference in my own city. Taking Lyfts downtown, talking with people, "networking", seeing presentations that compelled me to nod along with what they were saying.

But the entire time inside of me was screaming what is all for this for? Sure "Your career will thank you for this", "Think of all the networking and change you can enact".

As I sit here on a usual Saturday night, kids asleep, just doing my usual whisky and browsing thing - all I can think of if "who the fuck cares?". It pays the bills, it helps us live a life that a good portion of the world's population would envy and trade in for a second.

I really wish JG Ballard were still around to help us course correct - and the other part of me wishes I had the talent to write like him. He would know what to do. He would have the answers.

Who am I to say that I could too? Who am I to even begin to think about even reaching a quarter of the level of his writing style when no one seems to even care what he thought when he was alive?