Midnight Pub

The Glaks came back


We chased the Glaks out beyond the farms with torches and rhubarb leaves three years ago before Jane left for new pastures, and we thought that was that. Now they've been spotted uprooting fence posts, filling in wells and displacing brick walls. It's only a matter of time before they start chewing toes again.

I'm thankful for the XP and the excuse to wield my battleaxe, but must it always be me who hunts the monsters? Will the farmers never produce a hero to rescue them when an arcane homunculus comes slave hunting or a hummus serpent gets too big to handle — just because they expect me to step in?

Am I holding them back by always coming to the rescue?

The rhubarb isn't ready yet so they're going to have to wait.

A tankard of nailbender ale please, barkeep, and six silver to keep the torches burning all night.

Level 8, [||||      ], barbarian