Midnight Pub

The city


The street is quiet tonight. It's been for a while. I see people pass by but they don't seem to be there. And so am I. People walking is a lot like blood pumping in a body. When it's quiet, it feels wrong.

As I'm making my way to the pub, I see a little park. It's the evening already and of course it's empty. I can see slides and swings. But no one to use them. It's almost like reality hits differently. At some other point in time, kids were probably playing here. It was probably full of life and color. I can picture a mother watching out after her daughter while she's using the sand. But now, there's no one. Except for that cat. Wait, is it smudge?

I decide to take main street. I hate that street. Usually there are lots of cars but tonight, I can't see any. The city is asleep. Why am I the only one awake? I decide to go on the middle of the road. Quiet. Strange perspective. Where is everyone?

After contemplating how beautiful the place is, I decide to stand up and go to that little alley. I'm not sure if I'm awake or if I'm dreaming, but I'm sure the bartender will have something to fix me.


When I see old swings in abandoned parks or old barns or old abandoned trailer homes on the side of the road, I imagine back when it was brand new and how the family that used it was probably happy back then in their nice new trailer home with kids running around and dogs licking the screen door. But now it's old and decrepit and they have since moved on and are either dead or developed meth addictions.

Any old thing. Old broken down cars used to be an exciting new purchase for a new car owner, but now it's clutter in a junkyard.



Everything thats old once mattered to someone. If you feel it closely, you can tell exactly what its meaning is. Or you can at least speculate.



Changing perspective is always an interesting activity.

Sometimes when I'm laying in bed I like to "explore" the aspect my room would have if ceiling and floor were swapped.

You can always find new details which would go unnoticed every other day.

It also helps in breaking the monotony of a room.

The pandemic surely gave us the chance to look at the world under many new perspectives.