Midnight Pub

A working class opubssum is something to be





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> As I'm bringing a new round of drinks to our table, I
> realize how good the place is. The fire is dancing in
> the fireplace. The rain hits the window strongly but
> we can barely hear it over the sound of chatter.
> Tonight is a busy night at the Midnight.

'Tis but a dream sans your magickal potions!

Speaking (well, typing..) of magick, rumor has it there's an opossum-shaped lysergic midnight pubethylamide vending machine in here somewhere.

> I'm glad to have inquiry and nnix in this table.

Why, thankee-ya, brewed!

> However, I can see Dawn and a lady in a corner table.

Dawn *and* a lady? Wait a second.... ;-)

> And wait, is that an opposum?

Like inquiry often shouts a bit too gleefully after his third pubtini, what *isn't* an opposum when you get right down to it?

FWIW, I can't help but wonder if ~brewed has a brood....