Midnight Pub

First pint in The Midnight


Standing in the alleyway outside, I hesitate a moment. I've been wandering past this place for awhile now, peering through the window at the folk gathered inside. I first heard of The Midnight in the corner of the web that is Write.as., before finding the other pub window that looks out into Gemini Space.

Time to enter. m15o has given me a key - to me it is a large, gothic-looking affair and I slide it into the hefty wooden door before me. As I turn it the door disappears and I find myself walking into a dimly lit but inviting pub with wooden floors and tables, quiet nooks and a long bar with plenty of stools in front of it.

I head to the bar and ask the ~bartender for a pint of Moonlight Brewing's Death and Taxes schwarzbier. It's been years since I've had one, having swapped the SF Bay Area for the green of South Wales, but I've been thinking about this beer recently. It's beautiful, smooth and dark - having one always felt like a treat. I've no idea when I'll drink one again in the real but the magic of The Midnight can transport me to the sensation of taking a mouthful and letting it ease away the day.

Death & Taxes black lager

Pint poured, I sit down at the bar, perching on a stool. Time to let the conversations of the pub surround me like the noise of waves breaking on the beach.

Hello Midnight Pub!




       .__(.)< (Welcome!)