Midnight Pub

5. The Flirt


"Krsnah?" Claire.

"I'm in the shower!" "I brought you some cake," she called out. "Could you uhh.. could you wait for me please? I'll be out in just a minute!" "Okay."

I wrapped myself in a towel and stepped out. Claire sat on my bed, waiting. "Claire, thank you so much!" "No problem." "No, really. You have no idea how much this meant to me." She smiled as I sat next to her. "Are you going to put on some clothes?" "Should I?" I grinned. "Tsk tsk! No flirting!"

"So tell me, are you single? Married?" I prodded. "You need to stop right there, young man!" Her face turned serious. "Okay! What about that new girl - Anne - is she single?" Her eyes widened, "You were just flirting with me seconds ago! You dog!"

I laughed. "Easy now. I'm just teasing you. She's too hot for me anyway." "Right, so are you going to have some cake? I baked it myself," she said, handing me the plate. "Aren't you going to have some?" I asked. "Nah, I'm on a diet." "You don't look fat," I said. "Really?" "Yeah, really." I looked deep into her eyes, her almond eyes. "I should go now," she said, getting up, "I need some sleep."

"Hey Claire?" "Yes?" "Will you be my friend?" I asked. "Should I?" "Yep! I'm really cool!" "You're a nerd," she laughed. "Nerds can be cool too!" I protested. "Not if they're falling head over heels for every woman they see," she replied. "I didn't fall for every woman." "Oh please!" she rolled her eyes.

She opened the door. "Anne's in the pub by the way. She runs the midnight shift." "No thanks!" I replied.

I sat down on the bed and wolfed down the cake. Delicious. I stared at the door. Was I going too fast? I should probably slow down, I thought to myself.

I turned on my laptop and checked the radio. Jazzaria. I opened my music folder and found some tunes to stream.

Perhaps I was losing focus. Perhaps I should stop chasing women and let the right one find me. But what if she never came? This whole equality thing didn't exactly play out right in the dating world. Men were expected to make the first move. Women hardly ever approached a man. Then again, why would they? With all these men chasing after them like moths to a flame. Then again, I didn't want to be the relentless creep. It's one thing to pursue someone you like, it's another to stalk someone who intentionally avoided you.

Claire had called me a nerd. Well, I wasn't exactly a hollywood hunk by any standards.

I turned and looked outside the window. What the hell was I doing here?


But hey, "nerd is the new sexy"!

I'm looking forward for another chapter of this saga now!