Midnight Pub

7. The Morning News


I logged into IRC and hung out with some friendly DJ's while streaming. And we got into a long discussion on racism, religion and LGBTQ - the 3 topics that are sure to stir some controversy. But most of us were in general agreement about certain issues, so that was a relief.

Most of the sites I used to hang out on were no longer a viable option for an open discussion on many topics. You coduln't say this because you'd offend this guy and you couldn't say that because you'd offend that guy. You couldn't share your personal experience backed with facts because honesty and the truth were no longer practical in a discussion. The internet was now a safe haven for blatant lies and fake personalities.

Suddenly there were sensitive people everywhere. It was no longer necessary to talk to someone or refer to them or even mention them in order to offend them. All you had to do was voice your opinion on something they THOUGHT was offensive and you were nailed to the cross, instantly. The problem was, anything could be considered offensive, so long as one person didn't agree with what you said.

For example, if someone said they liked big breasts, all I had to do was THINK that big breasts was an offensive term. Then I could easily say that they were prejudiced towards women with smaller breasts and hence label them sexist, small breastist, and so on. And it worked, every single time, for any subject matter.

I'd spent some time on a site where the words stupid and idiot were considered offensive, because apparently they could only refer to mentally challenged people. Context wasn't necessary, applicable, regarded or taken into account. If you said it, you must've referred to what they THOUGHT you were referring to. You had no say in the matter.

I shook my head and looked up the news.

Lauren Boebert Claims a Trending Insult About Her Proves 'the Left Hates Women'
Pakistan PM Imran Khan tests positive for Covid-19 days after receiving first jab of Chinese vaccine Sinopharm
Federal appeals court rules in favor of Ohio professor who refused to use transgender student's pronouns
Mexico admits real Covid death toll is 60% higher at over 321,000 as country ravaged by second wave 'worse than Brazil'
Myanmar coup: Protestors accuse China of backing military junta
Coup Conundrum: Is China helping Myanmar military build a great firewall?
Baltimore will no longer prosecute drug possession, prostitution, low-level crimes
Indian priest and 'disciples' arrested for alleged gang rape and murder of woman
China proposes teaching masculinity to boys as state is alarmed by changing gender roles
Vatican says it will not bless same-sex unions, calling them a 'sin'
Xi Jinping's daughter, Xi Mingze's information leaked 24 netizens collectively sentenced

I rubbed my eyes and stretched my arms. Claire was sitting at the bar, talking intensely to some guy. I looked around and saw Anne leaving after her graveyard shift.

It was time for some breakfast. I was hungry.