Midnight Pub

9. The Mayor


Anne fixed the meeting for me.

I was on the 2nd week of my stay at the pub, and now sought a permanent residence. This was going to be home for the rest of the year.

The Mayor owned the pub, much like the rest of the city. He was a visionary, a man with a big dream, and the resources to bring it to life.

During my absence at the pub, I'd taken the liberty to explore some of the city. There was a lot of construction going on. It reminded me of my own dreams to build my own city. But I had neither the resources nor the management expertise to do that.

The Mayor kept a low profile. He went by the name m15o. He had previously been a city councillor at miso.town. I had traveled past miso.town during my Internetional Space Expedition journey last year. It struck me as a textual concept of among sus without all the gaming elements. Boy I hated that game!

We were now sitted in the Nikasi Real Estate office, located at the center of downtown Nightfall. An assistant sat at her desk, typing away. She's introduced herself as Akira. The mayor was a man of few words. But I suspected, he did have hearty conversations in the absence of strangers.

"How can I help you?" "I'm looking for an apartment and an office building. Anne said you were the man to see," I replied.

"Tell me about yourself." "I'm an alumni at the Institute in Nuremberg and an astronaut at Voyage in London. I'm also a radio host and an author," I said, parroting the exact words Anne had told me to say. She was convinced that a good first impression was necessary. And the words "broke, homeless, loser" didn't exactly inspire confidence.

"More." "I'm a vegan, straight edge, minimalist, anticapitalist anarchist," I said, grinning ear to ear like a monkey. It was a good summary, albeit a rhyme of words. He cracked a smile.

"Tell me about your business." "It's not a business per se," I began, "It's more of a non-profit organization with different departments. I've got so many plans. I want an office for a FOSS crew, an experimental lab focusing on space travel, a free capsule hotel, a radio station, a news agency, and a church, with more projects on the way."

"We actually have a church in the works right now. It will be open by May this year," he said, clasping his hands. "I saw that," I replied, "The Church Of LibreKrsnah has been around since late last year though." "Is this going to be a competition?" he laughed. "Not really. Most of the people I met were atheists. They disliked my prayer sessions," I responded, a little sad. "Perhaps I could hold sermons in your church?" I inquired. "We'll see," he smiled.

"Okay then! I'll show you a couple of finished buildings, and you can pick your office and apartment," m15o said, standing up. "Cool! Let's go!" I said, then turned to Anne. "Would you like to join us?" "Sure!" she smiled.