Midnight Pub

10. The Headquarters


"Try and keep up," m15o yelled back as he hurried after Akira. The highways were filled with racing flying cars and electric hypercars. The traffic was imposing.

"Come on! Let's go!" Anne grabbed my hand and pulled me across the streets. We found an impatient Akira and m15o waiting for us on the other side.

"I'm sorry! I've never done this before," I apologized. He nodded, "You'll get used to it. Don't worry." He led us from one building to the next, taking us through the grand tours of each building, with mazes of hallways and offices and hypnotizing restaurants.

"Do you like it?" The Mayor grinned. "It's so beautiful! I don't know which one to pick for my headquarters." "Come on then! I'll show you something special!" he led us down a maze of tunnels to avoid the traffic, and brought us up to the most beautiful skyscraper I'd ever set my eyes on. "This, my friends, is the pinnacle of my achievements. There's some finishing touches being made at the moment, so excuse the workers. I think you'll really like this!"

"We walked into the lift, that rose elegantly like a bird flying into the sky. And the city expanded before our eyes. It was magnificently breathtaking. Anne and I stood in awe as m15o beamed with pride. "How many floors is this?" "150! It's the 2nd tallest building in this city!" "2nd tallest?!" Anne and I exclaimed. My jaw dropped with surprise. "Which one's the tallest?" Anne asked. "It's my personal office at the other end of the city. When the clouds part, you can see it from here," he replied. The doors opened. "Behold the glass house!"

"Jesus Christ!" I exclaimed as I looked around. It was one large space with glass walls everywhere. The rooms had glass walls, the doors were made of glass panes, the outer walls were made of thick glass... only the floor was wooden. "There's no privacy here! Even in the shower!" I couldn't believe it.

"Originally, this floor was designed for the museum," m15o began, "but then I found a better place for it. So this one's just been sitting empty. You can refurnish it for a number of purposes - an office, a restuarant, a server room..." "Yeah! I get it!" I interrupted him, "I'll take it!"

"Krsnah? Are you sure?" Anne squeezed my hand. "Yes!" I said, turning to her, "I'm sure!" "Great!" m15o said, "We have a deal then."

"I'll take this building!" I said.

"What?!" m15o, Anne and Akira said in unison. The three would fit right in with a choir. "Yes! I want this building. The whole of it!" I said, excitedly, 'This will be the grand LibreKrsnah Headquarter's building!" "150 floors?" m15o asked, still shocked. "Yes! I could lease out some floors to prospective businesses." "You're insane!' Anne said. Akira agreed triumphantly.

"Think about it guys!" I interjected, "this single building could host any number of projects I wanted! I could open a restaurant, a hotel, a shopping mall, a gift shop, a strip club, a rave club - you think of it, and I could host it - all under one brand!"

"The LibreKrsnah Brand," said m15o. "Yes!" I said, nodding my head like a bird on crack.

"You seriously aren't considering giving it to him, are you?" Anne turned to the Mayor, trying to reason with him. "Well, actually, I am," he said, thoughtfully. "You're an ambitious man, Krsnah," he said, staring into my eyes, "It's yours."

"Yes!" I exclaimed, "Now, let's find me an apartment!' "What?!" other three asked in chorus. "What? Well, I need a safe house at the very least!" I replied indignantly.

"Sir, it appears that Krsnah has lost his goddamn mind!" Anne exclaimed, "Please don't listen to him! You do realize he has no money to offer, right?" "Yeah, I know that," m15o smiled, looking at me like I was some homeless bum. Well, I was homeless, but not a bum yet. 'See? He knows that!" I poked Anne, "Now stop ruining it for me!"

"Come on! I'll show you a place," the Mayor said, turning to leave. We followed him.