Midnight Pub

Diagnostics and sideways moves


John Lennon (and others) have said "Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans"

That is certainly the case when your S.O. receives a surprise diagnosis as a result of a yearly check-up, the kind that that immediately brings clarity to how one's attention is spent.

On a more desirable side of luck, the efforts by myself and a director at my employer have me making a switch to a different team. A sideways move, not tempted by money or title but simply doing work that I find more engaging.

So some things are on hold, 90% due to the less than great news mentioned above; primarily my goal mentioned some number of conversations in the pub ago, about switching to FOSS. Now is not the time to focus attention on that.

This means less time doing online anything 'extra' at all, so I may not darken the doors of the pub too much in the coming weeks. But if the bartender can keep a strong pot of coffee on standby and maybe pretty please splash a little Bailey's in it when poured, that would be a welcome thing to find at an open bar stool now and then.

A raised glass and a wish for good fortune to you all


I hope everything works out. I will keep you in my thoughts.



I hope it's nothing bad, Abe! And I hope we'll meet again around here, when you're done with your more urgent stuff.