Midnight Pub

Sunny trip to the post office


Catching up on some posts to midnight.pub from January. So many rich pieces. One friend of mine would call some of them "sentimental", as a pejorative. But I think there is plenty of value to the evoking of memories of times at which each of us was most comfortable and warm.

Went to the post office to mail my state and federal tax returns today. Did them by hand -- didn't take me too long, but perhaps people who pay for software to do them are mainly looking for the peace of mind that it's less likely to be incorrect that way, and I certainly don't have a lot of that right now.

Took a ride sharing service to the post office. Thought I'd walk back but allow myself to stop off in a cafe on the way back to get some work done. Of course the cafe was closed, and once I'd got that far it wasn't worth not just walking the rest of the way. The sun is already pretty warm at that time of day.


There should be some foss software for taxes