Midnight Pub



Today I was musing about how just about everything at home for me goes over the internet. I have a VOIP home phone, I listen to internet radio, I even watch IPTV for live TV. This is interesting, especially how all of these used to be different types of signals and cables in our homes - internet in particular used to piggyback on the phone line - and now they're all over IP, including the phone. Twenty-five years ago, your internet came over the phone line, and now my phone comes over the internet. Huh.


Do you ever try and see what you can still do when the internet and electricity goes out at night? For me, it's playing games on a VR headset in candlelight (it needs a bit of light to detect the boundaries).



I print objects at home that I download over the internet. I'm waiting on Star Trek food replicators being invented in my lifetime, then you'd truly never need to leave the house!



You cannot ride waves in your house :)



That won't necessarily be a good thing. Especially within capitalism.