Midnight Pub

First drink


When entering a new establishment, with the intent to imbibe a bit, a first thought is "Where to start?" I look at the bar wall, read the listing, think of the flavor I need to get me going. Do I commit to big and bold? Complex flavors? An old favorite? High or low ABV? What's the hops profile? Am I going to drink it fast or steady with sips? Choices. So many choices. And none of them are necessarily more right or wrong than any other. It's a mood thing, a feeling, a subtle desire to establish the moment.

So I'll look around the setting, get an idea of what everyone else is having, and turn back to the bar.

I'll start with a German pilsner, in a tall glass, with a nice frothy head. Seems a solid choice for the start.


Realizing that I haven't had a sip of my drink in a while, I put my book down for a moment to treat myself. Seeing an unfamiliar face reaching for a fresh pilsner, I raise my glass at the same time and tip my head.



Head tipped in return. Enjoy the pilsner