Midnight Pub

is pub hiring. i clean pubs



Experience working in school shadowing teacher professionally with strong leadership and relationship-building skills. Waiter with 1 years experience. Delivered papers on a paper round for 2 years at 4:30am. Experience includes being client-focused and dependable. Also cleaning a pub last March improved my social skills and consistency in making someone else's business look welcoming, which i would hope to do in other ways for your business.


Cleaner March 2021

Old Forge

My responsibilities here include getting up early on weekends and cleaning the pub. I have keys to the pub which include lots of responsibility. I've also been taught by a family member of the business to achieve the best quality of service.

Assistant April 2020 to April 2020

Isakin Properties

Being a receptionist. Involved putting up flyers and having to answer phone calls to customers. Included taking in customer complaints and resolving the situation. This gave me good communication skills to customer, dropping this off in order to achieve the best costumer satisfaction.

Assistant Dec 2019 to January 2020

In this position i had to shadow the teacher and monitor pupils, also taking certain students that needed extra help into a room and improve their reading and writing skills. It helped me to reach a better understanding of trying to improve not only my education and life but others too. I also bonded with the staff which created a good working environment.


NCHS - achieved Int-2 Maths, History, Geography, English, Business Management and Int-1 Biology. Studying Maths, English and History now at a higher level.

Thank you for your time you can contact me hemlomatri@biyac.com. I have references


Midnight Pub is implemented in Go, so garbage collection is already handled.



Uhhh you do realize this isn't a real pub, right?