Midnight Pub

Rainy night in the pub


I'm in a corner of Midnight Pub, coughing my lungs up as others at the bar are getting their masks out; the balls of that guy coming in here like that...

I'm a couple of beers in, which I shouldn't be drinking on my cough meds, but stuff it, I'm feeling sick anyway, might lift my spirits for a bit.

With all my coughing and headaches, I'm utterly enjoying myself on Gemini. The people are great, the experience is amazing and the rigidness of the protocol sets my mind at ease.

The rain pounds on the tin roof of the pub, if only I wasn't feeling ill, this would be a more enjoyable night.

Will anyone approach me with this cough and sore throat in COVID times; I think not.

Oh, here comes a bloke with orange traffic cones and do not enter signs, wonder what he's doing.


Let's try this and see how far we get before someone's psychosis kicks in.

Why, for the love of all that is holy to your tribe... are you in this pub, while hacking up a lung.

Go home. Get well. Come back out. Speak then.



Wise words, I'm no Karen. I will heed your advice and bunker down under a blanket and rest.

I hope I haven't let loose a civilization ending virus....

Cough....cough....leaves midnight pub, begrudgingly.



Hope you are feeling better now? :)