Midnight Pub

2 a.m. thoughts


Fuck our time.

In order to defend some people, we put down others.

I hate our time.

This time creates a lot of insecurity by trying to destroy other problems.

I run away from our time.

I am afraid to have no purpose on Earth.

I am afraid that I will not be heard because today we can all speak up and that makes it meaningless.

The more I learn, the more I feel lost.

The greater the number, the less important is the singularity.

Today I don't want to die anymore but I don't want anything. I am empty. No desire, no happiness, no sadness.

After each big choice in my life, I used to say "Alea jacta est"... But what if the dices have been thrown for a long time ? What if everything we were living was already determined since the origin of our universe ? Then what is the point of suffering ? We would have only a semblance of free will ? I don't know and in the end it's better this way because without these doubts I would be nothing.


Hello ~unclereaton,

I have been in a similar state a lengthy time ago, so I feel obliged to point out a few things:

Sleep well,




Hi, first of all I really didn't want to worry anybody about my mental health with this post, sorry if it has been the case.

thanks for your message ~ew.

  • Yeah, actually I'm trying to improve my sleep schedule.
  • I might need to disconnect from the news a bit since it's like a constant flow of information and I feel a bit overwhelmed right now.
  • Wow I didn't know this quote but I really like it!

Thanks again for this instructive comment!



You are welcome.