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On blogging


Over the years, I've left behind a trail of abandoned blogs. From geocities to wordpress, I start with high hopes only to slowly lose interest or motivation after a few posts. I still have wild fancies of consistently writing about things I like or find interesting, but I'm sure this will be no different (on a long enough time scale, the survival rate for everyone drops to zero). Starting projects I will never finish is a recurring problem for me. A project I can easily complete is too trivial and boring to work on, but a project that is interesting and exciting is too large and daunting to ever finish.

I've read a lot about writing. As an avid reader, I always thought I should try my hand at the craft. So many authors say something along the lines of "I can't not write. I have to get these ideas out of my head and onto the page." That's an attitude I can only envy. For me, putting words on the page is more like pulling teeth. I don't enjoy the act of writing, but I want the satisfaction of having written. But I keep coming back to writing. I do believe it is good for me to put my thoughts into words and share them with others. Even if I am just shouting into the void, the act of writing seems beneficial.

This is a lot of whining for a first post, and I hesitate to even upload it. But, maybe writing one post will give me some momentum to write more. Maybe this time will be different and the habit will stick.


You can never "complete" a blog. It's always unfinished, isn't it?



I can relate. I’ve started blogging in late 2003/early 2004. Since Facebook has put publishing thoughts effortless there are 2 billions people that share the same blog/vent/rant platform. Bring back 2007 now  !


Starting blog posts is really quite fun
Like you I have many more than one…
But to keep the blog goin’,
Is where I go “Bloomin’
Heck”… like pulling teeth ‘cept mine are all gone!


As I've said previously, the struggle is real. This especially is something I can very much relate to:

I start with high hopes only to slowly lose interest or motivation after a few posts.

I think, though, that when you talk about how you keep coming back to writing, that's what other people mean when they say they "can't not write." Even if it's difficult, it's still a compulsion of some sort. I think the important question is to figure out what's getting in your way.