Midnight Pub

Learning to pause


Today I needed a virtual beer 🍻 (or even better, a good wine 🍷) before taking some sleep.

This weekend, after 11 hours driving, something I enjoy a lot, we arrived to another city to start a short vacation of 7 days.

It has been difficult for me to stop doing stuff. Being work, thinking on personal 'useless' side projects, or even writing thoughts.

Has been just listening to my wife for hours, running like crazy with the dog, or watching movies. I enjoy it, and even missed doing it more frecuently, but the remaining of the 24 hours a day my brain is looking for something to do and to think about it.

Even better is it's about creating things (texts, content, ideas, software) more than consuming someone else's.

Anyway, I should learn how to take a pause when is needed since I'm forgetting.