Midnight Pub



Hello y'all, how have you been?

~bartender? If you would be so kind as to prepare a hot chocolate, please? The one with spices? Vanilla and something else? Yes, chili and cardamom would be fine. And one of the finest Single Malts you manage to find in the cupboard? Thanks a lot!

So I look around to see if ~inquiry is here, They are a teacher, right? They might have a comforting comment about this from yesterday. Hmmm. Maybe they are stopping by later ...

So I take a table near the fireplace. Fire and hot chocolate and whisky. It won't help much because really my soul is freezing. Not like "hell freezes over", but chilly. Oh well.

Yesterday evening I turned up to give the Linux class I had mentioned before. First day of a series of 12 Tuesday evenings all together. Four brave souls awaiting me. Three of them I knew from the last class. And the forth is not a total newbie. So that might call for some more intermediate stuff and not beginners level. Or so I thought.

But about 20 minutes in while looking around at the fresh install on my screen, chatting about this and that, asking how to see what is there (files, directories, symlinks) and mentioning some of ls options, the power of man pages and the directory structure --- it became clear, that most of the knowledge I tried to grow last course had already faded into oblivion. Sigh.

I definitely know, that not using your new knowledge fairly regularly, will make said knowledge fade away, and yes I definitely think this is normal, and yes I am subject to this as well --- but it still hurts to realize that all the hours left a lot less traces than I had hoped for. Oh, well.

And you know what? Moments like these make me shiver in fear that my brain will cease to work properly too early. Or my eyes, for that matter. Better sip some of that whisky before the movies in my head get out of hand.



Advice from my late great aunt: "Don't get old. "

Good advice and simple enough, I'm not planning on it. Excuse me while I go for a run...



Looking across the pub and thinking ... Hot chocolate? With spices? Vanilla, chili, cardamom and a Whisky?




Somehow I feel "watched" ... ah, its ~eaplmx, with visible disbelief in their face. I smile. Hey eaplmx, you should try this stuff! No kidding!

I take a sip of the irresistible hot chocolate. Delicious, indeed. Thanks, ~bartender, very well done! Four sources of thermal energy; hot chocolate, chili, single malt and the fire in the fire place ... not so bad after all.