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Kurt Vonnegut used to be a teenager


I saw an image of Kurt Vonnegut as a young man recently and it made me feel things.

I see a dorky kid like any other, but that dorky kid happens to be Kurt Vonnegut. His name is Kurt, his friends probably called him that because it's his name. It's normal. We tend to say the first and last names of famous people to distinguish them from others that might share the first name, but to his friends, he was just Kurt.

He didn't know at the time that he would go on to become the literary icon that he is. The picture of him could be a photo of any bozo, but it's Kurt Vonnegut.

His life is interesting

I've wondered if hardship in life produces better thinkers, authors, poets, etc.

A man full of life experience put his thoughts to paper in novels, short stories, and essays and it became what it is now. I also wonder if there is some fundamental difference in the mindset that great authors have while they're writing. Do they know they're great? Probably not. He just throws what he has and sees what sticks.

Stephen King is a popular author who does this. He writes voraciously. But Kurt Vonnegut's list of works is relatively short, but he still "made it".

I look at that young picture of him and see a life ripe with potential, unknowing what he'll become and it gives me inspiration because there really is so much time left.

Young Kurt


Kurt was a wonderful human. This is a beautiful take to have on this photo, which is ironically posted on a site called holybibleacademy.org :b