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On receiving answers and trying to not fear of missing out


My hypersensitive self feels so much at home in the Gemini space. I browse randomly, put some gemlogs in my favourites, wander without a specific goal.

I also write in a fire and forget mode that I forgot since my blog became relatively famous in the French-speaking-scene. When I post on my blog, I know that it will be subjected to lot of reactions, that I will receive emails and that my mother will talk about it next time I see her.

Nothing like that on Gemini. Even people blur in some kind of a friendly like-minded cloud. As there are no avatar-picture and I have a very strong synesthesia, I sometimes completely mix people if there name are of the same colour. Like solderpunk and Drew DeVault. Don’t ask me why but, for me, they both share the same orange-red shade and I can’t differentiate them when reading their gemlog.

Then something strange happened today.

By pure random luck, I saw a reply to one of my post :


First, I was pleased. For the first time, I saw a link to my gemlog. It’s like I was accepted in the Gemspace. (which is weird, I know but here, I can be transparent with you. )

I realised that I had read a lot of replies and replies to replies but there was no way to inform the original author.

Which is a bit sad. But, also, is maybe what gives me that feeling of small, welcoming world. Maybe that if you start to have notifications for replies, if you start to really organise to not miss anything, you are doing nothing but starting the old web again, the one that those here are fleeing.

Before going offline for good.

We don’t hear about the stories of those going fully offline and leaving an happy life.

Of course, there are offline.


Well, FOMO is a real thing. When I disable notifications, I'm anxiously checking every hour if I have new msgs, the automated push system is replaced by a human. (I'm trying to be better than that, now I check my email only 2 times a day, and I've disabled almost every notification besides IM for my family and partners)

I like from Midnight.pub that I receive a flag when someone replies to a post or comment. You are right, feels so automated, although it's convenient to avoid getting lost in a sea of content. I think that level is good.

I'm used to the current posting system, you know, receiving many vanity metrics for our dopamine like: This post was seen by 50,000 humans, people have spent 10k minutes reading it, you received 15 reactions, and such. The real thing would be: This moved 10 people into do something or to change their mind, but that's harder to measure.

Not having any feedback besides a few emails is refreshing and at the same time you don't know how it's being received, so you hope for the best.

I remember with email systems, starting with POP3, and then we moved to IMAP, it was amazing you didn't have to check for your email every 10 minutes, it will just push the content to you. Then it was something similar with Push technology and now we have RSS/Atom, Mobile and Web Push notifications all day long.

I was reading a few ideas here about Offmini, PDAs, Internet in a post-apocalyptic future and all that sounds intriguing. It reminds me of the old printed Maganizes and newspapers which gets edited and printed every day or each week. This kind of consumption besides the infinite scroll and unlimiented content is an idea we could pursue.

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