Midnight Pub

Grumbling about youth and actresses.


First of all, I would like to say that I am writing this text on the eve of real stars

And most importantly, this happens after the Russian military destroyed the Soviet

-Today I had a chance to go to the cinema on "French Dispatch" in

companies of people 10 years younger than me and my wife. Cinema by the word

excellent !! Movie picture, movie music, movie joy to see esthete!

After the movie, we went out to condemn the movie, everything went fine. New

acquaintance with a python programmer, we had something to spread about

a few words. Then the girls joined. We spent in the company

three hours ... And I was surprised that younger people are not able to

(this feeling is subjective) on some actions and decisions.

Not interesting and insipid as much as possible. When we went for a new wife

acquaintance, on the way I asked "What is she doing?" .. He replied,

slightly embarrassed, "Yes, nothing at all."

Before that, we discussed that she is actively protesting against the measures

governments against covid and qr codes. Protests so much

that having a code, it basically does not show it.

He only said "The truth correlates that she does nothing and

protests? ". It was clear that he was not comfortable with the first point and

for the second.

I once wrote that I do not understand people who do not accept the challenge

the universe to knowledge, to knowledge in the broadest sense of the word. And so


In general, it was the most boring three hours in the company of young

people, when my wife and I, in our not full 40s, felt

more alive and ready for adventure and laughter.

This is both good and bad, but I understand that all

teenage and further riot flies into the tube, attracting the mass

mental pathologies. Everybody discussed their psychoanalysts today

and psychotherapists, problems, crises and methods ... Yes, me too

sometimes I ask for therapy, but guys, I'm a father of 3 children, burned out

completely and I am almost 40. All my life a struggle that did not have

the beginning and there will be (such a feeling) the end. Although it will be obvious

when. When the youngest hits 18)). I have a bucket that day

champagne and I'll say, all the guys, I'm already old, but my powder flasks

burn and I went to live life to the fullest =)

While we were talking, karaoke companies walked by, for each group

there were 4 girls for 2 guys. Everyone was deep in their 30s and

everyone had fun, a lot of songs and alcohol. It was kind of simple

a slice of pokalaniya, when it was clear that we are different. We are different

so much so that if I was in a karaoke bar, I would have something

talking to people is much more interesting than where I stood.

I can't say I'm worried about it all But did two


1) It's time to stop being friends with people younger than me

2) It's time to stop actively communicating with people who have large

mental problems. I'm tired of hearing them whine. I'm not spending for that

their precious few hours to listen to nonsense, how they are there

each other with a boyfriend / girlfriend do not understand in banal household situation.


I think you had too much to drink, already. Hey ~bartender, give this guy some water!