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What is it going to be like in 100 years?


What fascinates me is how young the web is. The web and myself are roughly the same age. I grew with it, and it feels like it grew with me as well. But although I wish I could live thousand years (and why not!), there's a fair chance the web outlives me. So what is it going to be like in a 100 years? My favorite part of the web has always been the human side of it. Reading about people's daily lives and challenges. Sure, I have an interest in technology and looking at news here and there is a good byproduct, but my main interest is connecting with strangers and seeing their stories told with their own words. In a 100 years, we'd probably be able to see and live those stories from the past. Experience what the web-reality of our parents, grand parents was. We'd see that instagram picture of the birth of our dad. We'd probably laugh at how bad the quality of the picture was, but all in all, time would be an added dimension.


I believe that the way we experience information will slowly converge with the way we experience reality. A picture? Now make it 3D, with sound, and touch, and smell, experienced through virtual reality, like you were there. A snapshot of a moment in time.

With all that data, the internet better be fast.



I feel like it's all fascinating. I just read zampano's An Elegy for Cyberpunk [1] and in a way, I feel like the topics converge.

[1]: https://zampano.midnight.pub/elegyforcyberpunk.html