Midnight Pub

Jul upcoming


In less than two days, winter (in the northern hemisphere) solstice will happen. After that daytime will slowly become longer again. Or so I think while I head for "The Midnight". It's cold, just below 0°C. Time for a hot drink on this quiet and late Sunday afternoon. As I enter, my glasses get misty fast, while I carefully try to avoid any invisible obstacles. I hear the cheery voice of ~bartender, long before I can see a dark figure move in the general direction of the counter. "Hey, dude, what's up?" "Temperatures are down, and about the up of it all I'm not so sure. But a spiced hot chocolate and a whisky surely would do wonders?" He snickers while I try to clean my glasses without moving much. I feel Smudge leaning against my shinbones, trying to read the scents of where ever I have been on the way in. "Good cat!" He rubs his head trying to steal more attention. Now that I see more clearly, I can make out ~luna at her table, typing away on a notebook. I nod her way. There are a few more, but it's too dark to tell, who they are. So I take a seat near the fire place, Smudge on my heels ... he jumps to my lap as soon as there is enough space. Oh well, you win!

How are you, folks? All tangled up in year end preparations? Stuck in loops loose or tight? Working away on that wardrobe project instead of going to the Midnight? Whatever. Always take care!


Yule will occur at almost exactly 10 AM tomorrow morning here where I live. I'd like to celebrate more but it'll be a Tuesday :(



That's great news, not really enjoying darkness for like half my waking life.