Midnight Pub

An ode to the glory of site minimalism


I'm really loving the new look, Midnight Pub deities!

I imagine comments were inadvertently temporarily disabled. Or I was too bad a boy and their absence is my penance. Or a million other things I could imagine and come to believe to be absolute objective reality, if not The Truth. (Given the way faith works, regardless whether or not one believes in faith (har har).)

But I honestly don't miss 'em.

More than anything, the seeming reality of the so-call real world has managed to surpass that of screen worlds, which have become such arduous morasses of advertising, modal fucking popups, and whatever digital else has turned so many URL endpoints to the likes of the vicinity of a first stop sign at the end of highway exits where it seems billboards are clamoring in a way sufficiently hideous to induce learning in ears poised to hear, yet in most cases drowned out by the persistent roaring thunder of I me mine, I me mine, I me mine.