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Monkey Nose


B2 woke the other day screaming 'Monkey nose! Monkey nose!' Which is sort of a creepy thing to hear a child scream in a pitch-black room... What's wrong with the monkey's nose?... What does the monkey know?... Turns out his nose was running, and he wanted to wipe it on his raccoon towel. But, since then we've called runny noses the 'monkey nose'.

Not recent, but I wanted to remember: B has been getting into understanding money: identifying the amounts, different countries, understanding relative prices, etc. He keeps it in a big, clear plastic jar. He went to the plant store with Meg and decided he wanted to buy plant for everyone in his life. Friends, family, neighbors. What a cool thing to do.

Today is his last day of forest school. Bittersweet.

I've been very stressed and grouchy this week. A rough week of sickness and busy for the whole family. Turned a corner lately, though.


I’m curious what is forest school?



It's an entirely outdoor preschool in the woods. I hear it's somewhat known in northern Europe, but obscure in the US, though probably has more traction since COVID.