Midnight Pub

It's a most.. wonderful time.. of the web


m15o reflected:
Spending some time with the family today, and I must say the red wine is particularly good. It's probably got to do with the fact that this year is coming to an end. I'm not sure what 21 will be all about, but the good news is I still have some time to reflect.

Heh. First glance had this here tired - and oft errant mind - imagining you were on the verge of turning 21-years-old, in which case you *might* have some time to reflect.... ;-)

But congrats on the quality red wine - I mean family! - time. :-)

furthermore did m15o reflect:
What I love about writing is that it's powerful enough to set an atmosphere without resorting to other mechanisms. My hope is that even though "zones" don't need to be selected anymore when writing a post, we're still going to use them in our words, and maybe even talk about other ones that weren't even listed.

For me the seeming value of this game consists of:

- interestingness of participants

- absence of time/effort-consuming hurdles

I don't have the numbers crunched to exactly precision, but at the moment I'm feeling roughly 80/20 about that pair.

The second tends to imply "less is more" with respect to features, and (especially?) the "happy horseshit" generally required to "monetize" writing.

So it's simple, yet apparently (given its rare-i-tude) unfathomly difficult. But your love of experimentation seems a formidable hunt getting the second bullet right.