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Cody J., 33, musician, web design and development, bartender. I specialize in the subversive. Further readings:

https://tits.international; https://anxiety.fun; https://protofuc.kr; https://cody.website (WIP)

Background: Cody J is a musician, bartender, graphic designer, and sometimes-blogger with years of experience in connecting with talented artists and creators to provide quality studio session and design work. Currently based out of Seattle, WA, his formative years were spent along the central and southern coast of CA. Though proficiently self-trained across multiple instruments, none captivate and inspire Cody’s creativity like drumming; a sentiment which resonates throughout his playing style. With an artistic storyline extending to early childhood, some of Cody’s earliest memories play out behind a drum kit.

Cody spent the early to mid aughts involved in numerous projects – his free time devoted largely to rehearsing or playing shows. Active within a growing, local hardcore and punk scene, he solidified his reputation as a prolific young performer. Two decades later, this hobby has since grown into a passion and a career, as he lends his talents to musicians and producers throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Beyond drumming and making poison palatable, Cody’s ambitions extend to a number of interests – all of which are approached holistically and intertwine with his passion for music. With a profound appreciation for functional design, Cody began exploring the world of digital design and web work, gaining thorough experience in the areas of UI/UX development. Recent years have found Cody working alongside various musicians and mainstays of Seattle’s burgeoning alternative arts scene. Notable among them: Killroom Records’ psych-surf, garage rockers, Acapulco Lips, and synth-driven, dream pop outfit, Borzoi (formerly Critté of Austin, TX).

2020-11-30 Sound Associations
2020-11-30 Moving Day