Midnight Pub


A digital nomad running from the information overload of the main social streets. Why a nomad? 'Cause I played too much Cyberpunk 2077, apparently.

I'm somewhat in my mid-twenties and you can notice an orange, white and pink striped flag-pin on my jacket, which shall tell enough to those familiar with it, but otherwise isn't that important.

Other than that though, there's nothing special. Heavy boots, rock music and mild anger issues that calm down away from discourse.

(feel free to reach me at emoberserk@proton.me should you want to meet outside the pub sometime.)

2022-05-27 the best kinda night
2022-05-24 too stubborn for my shirt
2022-05-14 dear big internet, why so negative
2022-05-05 Greetings, kind people