Midnight Pub

Nice pub


Hi there! Can't say I had ever found a place on the internet quite like this before--just a nice, calm message board accessible through Gemini. Speaking of which, I recently first heard of it from a friend (who was implementing a Gemini server), and I've been spending some time going down this rabbit hole. Honestly I really like Gemini, it's a lot like HTTP but lacks a bunch of unnecessary cruft. It's designed for one purpose: transferring plain text between computers on the internet- and in my humble opinion it achieves that goal perfectly. Regardless of protocols, if there's one thing you do well here that is creating *atmosphere*. Reading the circumlunar pubnix pages felt like logging into some terminal, weightless amidst a bunch of instrumentation from the 1960s labeled in Cyrillic, and connecting via a radio link to the repeaters down in the surface, which you can see extending far below you through a thick glass window fogged by condensation. Or just have look at the root page of this very site!

All in all, pretty excited to be here! For now that's all I really have to say, I hope you have a great rest of your day.


Welcome young ~moonsheep, glad you found your way here.

Glass for me too ~bartender



Welcome, ~moonsheep!

~bartender, ice-water for me and whatever this new friend drinks! On me! You just put into words what I have been feeling since a few days.



Thank you! I only really drink water.