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A suddenly surprised late middle aged stalled geek.

Professional tea drinker and procrastinator.

Procrastination: The art of keeping up with yesterday.

Interested in low bandwidth websites.

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My list of Rambles.

2023-10-07 Sign of Life
2023-01-06 The Weighty Problem #diet
2023-01-03 The Wanderer Returns (map upside down)
2022-11-02 The Midnight UnHabit
2022-11-01 The Midnight Habit
2022-09-28 Adventures in mid-life: Going to work
2022-08-30 A Strange Return
2022-06-26 A note from the mousehole
2022-06-13 Can't Manage what you can't measure
2022-05-30 The Ramble Chronicles I
2022-05-25 Midnight in the Midweek
2022-05-13 Muddled thoughts
2022-04-29 Fryday on my mind
2022-04-27 Stumbles in the door...
2022-03-25 The Weekend Eve
2022-03-23 Mid weak
2022-03-19 Pleasant Valley Saturday
2022-03-16 A week already?
2022-03-15 Love a dull moment...
2022-03-13 Sunday Ramble
2022-03-11 staggers in
2022-03-10 Hail fellow well met