Midnight Pub

Midnight in the Midweek


Slowly walks to the bar, nodding and acknowledging those already here. Picks up the cup and saucer that the seemingly telepathic bartender had just poured - with 3 sugar cubes - takes a sip and smiles..

Been a while since I showed my face in here it seems.

I've peered in through the window while hurrying past of an evening and stopped to listen to some of the very deep, interesting discussions. They have distracted me from losing myself in my own head, not a tidy place.

I like certainty in things, maybe it's OCD or the like. At the moment we have little. For some reason a quote, or line, attributed to John Wayne came to mind.

Courage is being scared to death, but saddling up anyway.

One foot in front the other, each day at a time.

The midnight is a good place. Would make for a curious 'twilight zone' cult TV show. In my untidy head anyhow.

Hears the sound of something heavy flying overhead, reality re-assserting itself. Knocks back the last, sugar laden mouthful, and scritches Smudge

You all be well. And keep writing.

> One foot in front the other

At the risk of sounding overly picky, wouldn't it be "one paw in front of the other" for a mouse? ;-)



Thanks for causing a smile.



Cheers! One foot in front of the other, indeed. Nothing I can do about that tight-scheduled Tuesday next week, so might as well enjoy Wednesday while it lasts.



Thanks shiloh, very true.

Tomorrow will take care of itself.

I hope Tuesday next is not so tight.