Midnight Pub



2022-07-21 for no one (mini song spoof)
2022-07-15 don't get me *not* going
2022-07-13 of *course* we're time travelers
2022-07-10 Time after time
2022-07-10 Does anybody really know what time it is?
2022-07-06 I'm thinking of an infallible IQ test, and its name is "recyclable bin"
2022-07-06 some fun stuff (subjectively speaking, of course)
2022-07-04 doctor my eyes....
2022-07-03 I think it might be Sunday
2022-07-02 The general vicinity of brass tacks, or yet another circle-able drain?
2022-07-02 roses are red, blackout is cool
2022-07-01 Oooh... what a hungry man... he-ee wuh-huz
2022-06-29 doggoned regardless
2022-06-29 come sail away
2022-06-23 shades of self-referentiality
2022-06-08 vroom vroom
2022-06-07 old tv
2022-06-05 all will be revealed
2022-06-01 memory lane
2022-05-31 hey hey, midnight, say the way you move, wanna make you sweat, wanna make you reply <guitar>
2022-05-28 Terminus and/or Trantor, anybody?
2022-05-27 misty homechore hop
2022-05-26 slow meander
2022-05-23 Inking right along
2022-05-23 Here we go, inksters, here we go
2022-05-20 Handwriting just might be the write pace for me
2022-05-15 The pub that posts together, mosts together
2022-05-13 desperately seeking seclusion (i.e. working from home)
2022-05-13 hot, and for my teacher too
2022-05-13 the dream is over (maybe?)
2022-05-12 the brassiness of tacks
2022-05-12 Cosmic license plate clues?
2022-05-06 pub hardware query
2022-05-05 the gdbeatles
2022-05-04 appreciating what you think
2022-05-04 for the love of post resurrection
2022-05-03 wondering what you think
2022-05-03 I took a craps for the first time in a couple years, Monday afternoon
2022-05-02 beautiful "small internet" post
2022-04-30 extraordinary pub
2022-04-30 Old McInquiry had a prompt, e-i-e-i-o
2022-04-25 Miss ya, Chester
2022-04-25 Any other Cure fans these parts?
2022-04-24 If I were dictator....
2022-04-08 a nod to the merciless heropass
2022-03-26 one liver cell in front the other
2022-03-24 a few moments of rest
2022-03-22 slow morn
2022-03-21 some of new are mine
2022-03-19 more tech-stration