Midnight Pub

A note from the mousehole


It is good to see the Midnight busy and all the new faces joining in. A hearty welcome! ~bartender, refill their drinks of you would please.

A while back I shared my tales of woe, which young ~inquiry wonderfully summed up as

that's a lotta everything but fun.

The 'un-fun' hath continued, with new, novel and unexpected varieties of 'un-fun' appearing. Never a dull moment.

I have had to face some personal home truths, maybe ignored the last couple of years while in the home-working suspended animation. Realisation that you are responsible for your situation, regardless of the cause, is a lesson I forgot a while. Selfish I know.

I have said this before, but I'd like to repeat. Each night I "Listen" to the conversations around the bar of an evening. They are interesting, positive, intelligent and fun.

Unlike the bars on main street, you all help.


~bartender, a blissfully cheese-based drink on my tab for ~mouse!